Phishing is commonly seen within emails and increasingly across social media, including YouTube. It’s best described as a scam using social engineering tricks (urgency, fear, panic) to coax you into revealing personal information (account details, name, bank details etc.) for criminal purposes. Smishing is exactly the same but it is conducted via SMS (text message). Don’t …

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Netflix – Age Ratings

You will be aware that Netflix is hugely popular across all ages but there have been concerns in relation to age ratings and the type of content that is recommended to viewers. Like many other services, Netflix uses algorithms to determine what you might like to watch based on viewing history, what you have liked …

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Inappropriate Content Shown to Children

In light of the continuing (and increasing) concerns of access to inappropriate content by children the 5RightsFoundation in partnership with Revealing Reality have conducted some research.  To test a child’s experience, the researchers created avatars to simulate the experience without putting anyone at risk. These new accounts, each based on a real child, liked and …

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Twisted Toys

Imagine if all the harmful features of the digital world were in traditional toys. Welcome to the World of Twisted toys, a wonderland of excitement, experiences and exploitation. We pride ourselves in making toys that are addictive, risky and put you completely under our control. This is the opening screen from a brand new service …

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Tackling Online Hate

Internet Matters have some really good advice to support children and young people, which includes facts and statistics, why hate speech is so dangerous, the law and much more. Very useful to discuss with children to open up those all-important dialogues. Here is the guide.

YouTube Explore

This was totally unexpected, we’ve all been wishing for more (and better) parental controls on YouTube for years. The main YouTube service is supposedly for users 13+ and yet YouTube Kids is for very young children, which leaves a pretty big age gap in the middle.  Called a ‘supervised experience’, YouTube state these new features …

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National Online Safety App

FREE Online Safety App for Parents & Educators! 📱 National Online Safety are excited to launch their FREE mobile app, giving parents access to instant information about the latest apps, games, devices & more. Download for apple Download for android More information